EMG Hands in VR (Facebook Connect 7)

Facebook Connect was today, and offered a glimpse at one of the projects I’ve contributed to this year.

Most of this work remains confidential, but you can see one shot of EMG neural interface devices embedded in VR alongside CV tracked hands (staring my hand 😛, at 19:56) highlighted during Mark’s intro.

This segments showed EMG data from our teams wristbands visualized as lines “flowing” through the wrist in VR.

The project was highlighted again in Michael Abrash’s segment, alongside some of my colleagues work on interface design, and typing.

This segment includes a demonstration of “one-bit” pinch-and-release models built on EMG data, integrated with virtual reality object interactions; in this case, a chess board.

Additionally it showed pose-based control of virtual objects at a distance

Software Engineering was always intended to be a stepping stone for me to get into hand-modeling, so I’m excited to have made the leap into the next phase of my career 😉