Bicycle of Theseus

I originally bough my bicycle custom from Mission Bicycle in San Francisco (now defunct 😢). It was spec’ed mostly as a commuter bicycle; I upgraded to a 8-speed Shimano Alfine Internal-gear hub (SF Hills 😅) and the reflective paint on the wheels (SF Drivers 😨)

The bike was my daily commute to work and weekend adventure ride for a year in San Francisco

Before getting packed-up and shipped to NY

Over the years I’d had to replace the front-wheel, seat, handlebar-grips, and brakes.

Then in September 2021 Hurricane Ida flooded the basement where the bicycle was stored. This would turn out to be fatal for the internal gear hub which started rusting due to the water.

I November 20222, the back-wheel with in the internal geared hub was replaced by CC-Cyclery in the East-village. The original Shimano Alfine-8 was upgraded to a Alfine-11 and a new chain!

The engineering behind the internal gears is truly wild

The new version need periodic Oil changes, which was a fun adventure

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